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Crete: Heraklion Archaeological Museum


Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Before visiting the archaeological site of Knossos , would be useful to go to this museum that houses the most important collection of Minoan art in the world. The pieces rarest and most significant of these are concentrated in a room until the end of the renovation work.

Museo Archeologico di Heraklion

Do not miss the beautiful and mysterious Phaistos Disc , circular stone clay carved with hieroglyphics. You can also admire the Rhyton , container in the shape of a bull's head, beautiful style vessels Vasiliki , the royal game, and the precious bronze helmets with boar tusks. Unfortunately but we have not been able to see the famous frescoes of the palace, but a small fragment.

Museo Archeologico di Heraklion

Travel Tips:  museum admission € 4 (combined ticket with Knossos € 10)





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