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Peloponnese: Archaeological Site of Olympia

Archaeological Site of Olympia




Archaeological Site of Olympia

Although not much remains of the original place, visiting the archaeological site of Olympia you can relive the excitement of the first Olympic Games of the ancient era, the biggest sporting event even able to stop wars and conflicts. The appointment with the Olympics was not just a sporting event but also a social, commercial and artistic. During the first Olympics, only men could compete and made him naked; The first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC.


Sito archeologico di Olympia

Among the most fascinating ruins you can still make out the impressive Temple of Zeus, with a restored column that allows you to imagine the original size of the monument; the Temple of Hera, undoubtedly the best preserved monument of Olympia with its Doric columns and of course the famous stadium, the place where the races were held and which could accommodate 45,000 spectators.

Very interesting is the visit to archaeological museum, which is about 200 meters from the ruins. Besides showing a model of the ancient city rebuilt, inside you can see the reconstruction of the two pediments of the Temple of Zeus, with impressive sculptures and marble statue of ' Hermes of Praxiteles, considered a masterpiece of classical sculpture.


Sito archeologico di Olympia


Combined Entrance fee to the museum and the archaeological site is € 12 (free for children under 18 years, as for all archaeological sites in Greece). Summer hours: 8-19,30
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Sito archeologico di Olympia Sito archeologico di Olympia Sito archeologico di Olympia Sito archeologico di Olympia Sito archeologico di Olympia


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