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Crete Must See Attractions

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Crete offers an endless variety of landscapes, from the rugged and majestic peaks of the White Mountains and the Samaria Gorge , authentic natural event, the immense green valleys full of olive groves and orchards, to the coast, from the hugely exploited near Heraklion to those intact and wild south coast, bathed by the Libyan Sea and the magnificent beaches of Elafonissi, Falasarna and Preveli, small angles Caribbean in the heart of the Mediterranean. But pushing in the heart of the island and wandering through the winding streets you will discover fascinating corners, breathtaking landscapes and historic towns such as  Chania  and  Rethimnon. Not to mention the archaeological site par excellence of the island of Crete: the Knossos Palace.


Crete Travel Guide: to See & Do

Elafonissi Beach - Samaria Gorge - Knossos Palace - Falasarna Beach - Rethimnon - Preveli  Monastery and Palm Beach - Chania - Heraklion Archaeological Museum - FrangokastelloHeraklion - Plakias and Skinaria Beach - Arkadi Monastery and Melidoni Cave

Questa breve guida turistica, a differenza di molte che si trovano nel web, è frutto della mia esperienza diretta e si limita a descrivere i principali luoghi da non perdere, oltre a fornire qualche informazione utile ai viaggiatori

1) Elafonissi Beach  

Spiaggia Elafonissi Creta, Elafonissi Beach CreteElafonissi Beach  is really a dream and in my opinion, perhaps the most beautiful in all of Europe, not surprisingly is defined as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean . Situated in the extreme south-west of Crete , is reached via a long winding road that crosses the island



2) Samaria Gorge

Gole di Samaria, Samaria GorgeSamaria Gorge, with their 18 km of extension, are considered the longest gorges in Europe and offer a variety of impressive landscapes, with a hiking trail that starts at over 1200 meters above sea level to end up at sea level, at Agia Roumeli



3) Knossos Palace

Palazzo di Cnosso, Knossos PalaceThe legendary Knossos Palace, dates back to 2000 BC and was the most famous Minoan building, famous for the legend of the labyrinth of Minos. E 'was discovered by British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans in 1894. In ancient times the building was a veritable citadel



4) Falasarna Beach

Obscured by the famous beaches of Balos and Elafonissi , the beautiful beach of Falasarna is virtually unknown by mass tourism and offers one of the most beautiful coastlines and less frequented the island of Crete . The long beach of fine sand



5) Rethimnon

The main shopping street and crafts Rethimnon, the way Arkadiou , practically along the whole seafront towards the center of town. This road is very characteristic as it retains many buildings and houses in Venetian style



6) Preveli Monastery and Palm Beach

The ancient Preveli Monastery is a nice place to visit, in an idyllic position overlooking the sea with panoramic views and of course, one of the most visited places on the island. In this monastery have fled the Allies during the Second World War



7) Chania Old Town

Chania Old Town extends along the harbor area, the most distinguished district of the city, always busy, day and night, by a large number of tourists. It can be reached by taking the road more touristy, the Halidhon  where you follow a multitude of shops.   



8) Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Before visiting the archaeological site of Knossos , would be useful to go to this museum that houses the most important collection of Minoan art in the world. The pieces rarest and most significant of these are concentrated in a room until the end of the renovation work.



9) Frangokastello Castle and Beach

To reach the picturesque Frangokastello Village, located in the south of Crete and less touristy, the roads are breathtaking, suspended between sea and mountains. The famous castle is located near the beach and impresses with its imposing facade



10) Heraklion Old Town

Along the way 25-Avgoustou downhill from the center down to the sea, the imposing profile of the Venetian Fortress, built in 1500, overlooking the harbor. The massive outer walls give an idea of what this fortress was impregnable.



11) Plakias and Skinaria Beach

Plakias is a place emerging from the point of view of tourism on the island of Crete, falling short of the high standards of the north and mainly visited by tourism unorganized. Extends with a pleasant promenade filled with shops



12) Arkadi Monastery and Melidoni Cave

The Arkadi Monastery, the most famous and characteristic of Crete, is situated in a scenic location in the interior of the island and is one of the most unique architectural styles found in Crete, as well as the important historical significance plays. The facade of the church, especially decorated




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